Merzouga Dunes Luxury Camps

Camps are unique and similar at the same time.The camp is located in the middle of nowhere in the desert and so as soon as you come closer to the camp, you would sense as though you are looking at a mirage because in the vastness of the desert, it is hard to believe you would find such a utopic place.

Merzouga Dunes Luxury Camps

The camp is set up in a way that reflects the beauty of the desert as well as the traditional nomadic culture of the region, located in a very sacred location known for nomads as the heart of the desert.

The camp offers all the luxury of your homes in such a remote place. With Merzouga Dunes Luxury Camps, you do experience what it is to be in the heart of the Sahara desert but at the same time, you can enjoy the comfort and quality same as in your homes.

Surrounded with the most beautiful ever-changing dunes, when you wake up here to the golden sunrise and go outside to the camp, you would feel as though you are in a 12th century tribal kingdom movie.

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